Bamboo Door (brown) Icon
Бамбуковая дверь (коричневая)
Bamboo Door2
Эта дверь вряд ли защитит от непогоды.
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Бамбуковая дверь (коричневая) (Bamboo Door (brown)) — это разновидность дверей.

Расовое представление

19px-Apex Icon Апексы: Bamboo woven into a door. It's harder than it looks.
19px-Avian Icon Авиане: The plant used to make this door feels as solid as stone.
19px-Floran Icon Флоране: Floran bamboo growss ssstrong. This door iss ssolid.
19px-Glitch Icon Глитчи: Surprised. This door is built from organic material, but stands as strong as iron.
19px-Human Icon Люди: This door has small gaps in it where the stalks of bamboo join together.
19px-Hylotl Icon Хилотлы: The Floran appear to be able to bend nature to their will. No small feat.
19px-Novakid Icon Новакиды: This door's made outta some bamboo bars.

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